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Pahadi Nath, Rangwali Pichhauda and much more in a Two states Wedding (Uttrakhand & Kerala Wedding)  : Pranita & Sudesh’s Wedding at Nainital.

This wasn’t the first destination wedding photography or say Kumaoni for me in the hills but somehow Pranita & Sudesh’s wedding was as special to me as it was to them.First, obviously I loved the idea of them getting hitched in the hills; and second, the fact that Pranita is a native of Nainital and Sudesh is from Kerala, and it was an epic North meeting South situation! I was pretty sure to get some candid & fine art wedding photography done here and sighted it as a perfect opportunity for my trademark fine art photography as this wedding sure seemed to be a meld of two distinct cultures and traditions, which I personally enjoy capturing in my lens. Luckily, my team and I got a chance to do videography for this wedding as well.

Here is the glimpse of this amazing ‘Two States’ destination wedding at Nainital through my lens  :


The Malyali groom, Sudesh at the Kumaoni style Haldi ceremony. Notice  the lady in extreme right corner in the picture wearing the traditional Kumaoni Lehenga Pichhauda.


The beautiful Kumaoni bride, Pranita enjoying her Haldi ceremony to the fullest.




Red saree and the uber glow at Pranita’s face definitely gave this picture some substance.


Pranita giving pose in her house at Nainital.


The Mehendi Day also added to the charm of this beautiful bride-to-be .



Pranita, Getting ready for the pre-wedding shoot


Wedding ornaments


Pranita buys in Makeup.


Mehendi and Payal. 


We decided to do a pre-wedding photography in the Nainital’s hill and jungle area  and the result is phenomenal. Pranita dazzled in yellow and orange Lehenga Choli and Sudesh’s plain white kurta and vibrant orange Nehru Jacket did compliment her attire perfectly. And to top it all the stunning background and the weather of Nainital  just couldn’t get better.

I must admit pre-wedding photography in Nainital is truly an amazing experience itself.


The both are really perfect to give good poses.



The poise and the charm that Pranita held on to in this wedding picture is worth appreciating.

Mirror images, though challenging are certainly rewarding.






This particular picture remind me a song......

"तुमसे मिली जो जिन्दगी, हमने अभी 'बोई' नहीं  ....... तेरे सिवा कोई न था, तेरे सिवा कोई नहीं....
जाने कहा कैसे शहर, ले के चला ये दिल मुझे.....तेरे बगैर दिन ना जला, तेरे बगैर शब ना बुझे".......




Needless to say that Jaimala is one of the most fun parts in every Hindu wedding. The mischiefs from the groom’s side, the elegant smile of the bride and the excitement of the her side of the guests, it is all so lovely to capture in the lens.





When both, bride and groom are camera friendly, you are bound to attempt some mid-wedding shoot. It indeed does add to the flavour of this special event. So, we let the camera rolling and captured some relish worthy shots of Pranita, Sudesha as well as  of the family and friends to keep things quite interesting.








The Pheras that seal the wedding is something we all don’t wish to miss. In Kumaon, the tradition is to tie a specific type of headgear with the picture of Radha and Krishna on bride’s head and that of Lord Ganesha’s on the groom’s head prior to the Pheras. It is one of the factors that distinguish a Kumaoni wedding from other Hindu weddings.

Another worth noticing thing in a wedding in Uttarakhand is the large Nath (Nose Ring) like the one worn by Pranita. But let me tell you this is still a very small nose ring as compared to the ones worn by brides in early days in the state, some could even cover half of the bride’s face. 




The couple portrait, something I have always been fond of. This kind of picture reflects the bond between the couple and of course it also translates to completion and perfection.


I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding photography in Nainital. And if given more opportunities I would return to the hills to re-live its magic again. If destination wedding or for that matter pre-wedding photography or post-wedding photography is in your mind, then Nainital can be an ideal destination to get this candid photography experience in India. I will share more of my Kumaoni wedding which done at Pithoragarh, Uttarkashi, Dehradun, Almora, Haldwani, Kiccha, Ramnagar, Naukuchiatal etc.


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