No one can teach you photography…….

Photography is an art and it can built-up from your own.  One can teach you only technical things in photography like handling camera, lighting posture etc. but judging the right time and right thing to click is completely depends on photographer.

But I have that ability which can sharp your ideas and eyes on the view. You can have better imaginative power to magistrate the world.

I receive a lot of queries from newcomers/ amateur photographers asking which camera/lens is good, camera settings, photo editing etc. Many of them want to learn photography from me and I guide them by online.  As I am a self-taught photographer I understand what amateur photographer looks in initial days of photography. Therefore, I have started ‘Learn Photography’ in my own style, from Basic camera knowledge to real time live photo walk and upto full post processing as in this digital era right post processing is also a necessary part of digital photography.   I believe in practical teaching approach instead of theoretical approach, as we all know camera is a technical  equipment and photography is an art. In the other word, I don’t teach photography, ‘I just share my photography experiences and techniques”


About Courses

To give a path to those enthusiastic, creative and young generation who want to make their career in the field of photography.  It is to show the right way so that the correct line will be hold to be successful as in these days students are confused for what genre they choose in photography.  Our aim is to save the learner wandering for their career.  We want to play the role of mentor, who helps to guide and beautify your future with your ambition.    

Our  courses  are designed for all age groups, we teach you from the beginning i.e. how to hold the camera, full control over manual setting, observe the light, and upto post-processing.
Our aim is to build your career expertise in you desired field in photography i.e photojournalism, Travel, fashion, wildlife, wedding/event etc.

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