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We as professional photographers, understand that every good picture at the end of the day is not a creation of an individual , but it is the team work , consisting of the model, stylist , make up artist, hair stylist, creative director and thus , we respect the entire team as equal.

Without sounding arrogannt, we can share the fact that there are very few photographers who understand the difference between Fashion, Glamour and Style. Our experience of many years have taught us the difference. Whereas Style is individualistic and all of us are born with some sense of individualistic style. But there are some people who becomes Style icons, like Dev Anand.

There are many components of good advertising, but nonetheless photographs can safely be said to be the most important one. It not about only to show how the product looks like , but to make it look so desirable that one cant resist buying it. In a way it's like adding glamour to an object, which may not be otherwise so " good looking"

In Nature nothing is ever lost everything is in permanent renewal, this is why I am such a great lover of Nature and I am never bored of capture it again and again because each time I use my lens to capture a landscape, sunrise or a sunset I know my eyes will be surprised with a new spectacle of incredible Beauty...

Flowers are the poetry of life! In my photos, I wanted to spread the fragrance, Blossom, wonderful colors painted by nature. World of Macro which we are not able to see by bare eyes. .

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